Thursday, January 17, 2019

OFCCP Updates on CSAL

The Michigan Industry Liaison Group provided the following OFCCP updates in its January meeting: 
  • Employers should not expect new Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (“CSAL”) to be mailed until mid-February-March this year. This timeframe would put Scheduling Letters out around the beginning of April 2019.
    • Note: The new batch of Scheduling Letters do NOT put an end to prior Scheduling Letters. Employers who previously received a CSAL should still prepare for and expect a Compliance Review per that earlier CSAL.
  • OFCCP plans to accomplish 500 Focused Reviews to start this summer. Catch up on the announcement of Focused Reviews here, and the corresponding Directive here.
  • Reviews will cover Section 503 (Individuals with Disabilities) only, yet are said to include a compensation review.
  • Reviews will happen at corporate headquarters. Make sure your CEO is on board and up to speed on your Affirmative Action Program and initiatives.
  • Document requests in the audit Scheduling Letter will be similar to #7- #14 of the current Itemized Listing and will include a focus on ADA policies.